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Blog Cabin 2013: Q&A With Dylan Eastman (page 4 of 6)

Our project manager answers questions posed by fans of DIY Network’s favorite interactive series.

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Q. Can you describe the design and direction of the driveway?
A. The driveway is existing and enters the property from the northeast of the house. A simple earthen path when we arrived, the driveway was covered with gravel to remain pervious.

Q. How are you reusing furnishings and decorative accessories?
A. No spoilers! You will love what we accomplished during the episodes. Many things, including the original fireplace surround, have taken on a new life at Blog Cabin. You will also see items turned into wall art, interior accents, outbuildings, furniture, wainscoting and ceiling treatments. Though we did use a lot of the original furnishings, the remaining items will be donated to the local museums and/or the previous owners.

Q. What is the size of the lot and property? Will you be installing property markers?
A. The property is approximately 3.5 acres. Boundary flags from a property survey remain on-site.

Q. Will you install railings on the outside stairs and porches?
A. Yes, you can see these in the last Cabin Cam images. We put much thought into railing and baluster placement so as not to obstruct views from and to the water. My original plan was to rework the grade so balusters would not be required. However, the amount of fill required was not in keeping with our attempts to remain low impact. I think our final decision accentuates the beauty of the house without taking away from its style.

Q. Will you be installing a roof or cover on the end of the pier?
A. At one point, this was a possible project. However, we have left the four corner posts high for a future owner to install this if they like.

Q. Will landscaping include native species?
A. Yes, we wanted to keep the house as low impact and natural as possible while still complementing the design. The former family had maintained many types of flower and herbs on-site. We have, for example, brought back coastal rosemary, a very popular local herb and landscaping bush.