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Blog Cabin 2013: Q&A With Dylan Eastman (page 2 of 6)

Our project manager answers questions posed by fans of DIY Network’s favorite interactive series.

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Q. What is the depth and flow (recovery) rate of the well? Is it a submersed pump?
A. Fortunately, we were able to reuse the existing well and pump. The pump was only a year old and in great shape. It is now mounted on a flood-protected platform next to the house. The well has good flow and water quality.

Q. What is the size of the distribution box or boxes and drain-field dimensions? Is it a mound system?
A. The new septic system is a low pressure pipe (LPP) system with approximately a 115' x 30.5' field and a 1000-gallon tank. Twelve inches of engineered fill were imported for this area and four to five trees had to be removed. There was only one suitable drain area on-site; an aerobic drip repair area is protected for future requirements.

Q. What was the deciding factor in only creating two bedrooms?
A. Space. The original bedrooms were very small and renovations over the past 150 years created confined spaces that reflected a previous lifestyle. We generated approximately 12 floors plans before settling on the current one. We did expand under the porch line on two sides and added square footage to the master bathroom by removing the south kitchen. A bedroom was added over the formally single-story master bedroom and twin Murphy beds were installed in the family room.

Q. What was the most-challenging part of the remodeling process?
A. The decision to reframe was a very difficult one to make. We had no choice once we discovered the state of the second floor and roof, water and termite damage, and the structure’s vulnerability to high winds. If we attempted to retrofit, we also ran the risk of trapping old, unnecessary wood in the walls, thus displacing space for insulation and lowering the effective R-value of the walls. But what better way to honor the old heart pine framing than to transform it into interior works of art? You'll love what we came up with for the Blog Cabin 2013 episodes.