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Blog Cabin 2011: Q&A With Matt Blashaw (page 16 of 16)

You wanted to know! Our 2011 show host answers questions posted by fans of this year's getaway home, located in Susan, VA.

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Q. Do wetland regulations prohibit the construction of a detached garage or installation of a picket fence? Are there gutters on the house?

I am not sure if another structure can be built, but my instinct is yes. It would have to be built just to the right of the house. I don't think installing a fence would be an issue as long as nothing is built in the RPA (Resource Protection Act) zone. The winner would have to ask the "Bay Act" committee, as well as the proper Mathews County authorities. The house does not feature gutters, but the house seems to have sufficient drainage. I didn't spot a single puddle after two huge thunderstorms ripped through the area.

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