Kid's Bedroom Pictures From Blog Cabin 2012

A cozy second-floor space, located just steps from the staircase, provides overnight accommodations for smaller guests.

Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Frank Murray

A quiet and cozy sleeping space, the second-floor bedroom is furnished with finds from Waldoboro, Maine, and beyond.

A vintage armoire, discovered at a local consignment shop, provides both storage drawers and hanger space. Mirrors are both practical and serve as light-reflecting surfaces.

A precious piece of Maine history, a child's desk, discovered at a Waldoboro flea market, carves out a reading nook in the room's corner.

Creative repurposing at its best, a wooden chamber cabinet doubles as a nightstand.

A light fixture taken from the home's living room is given a fresh coat of paint and new life in the guest bedroom.

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