Bathroom Pictures From Blog Cabin 2012

A neutral palette and hotel-inspired accessories establish a vintage style in the second-floor bathroom, shared by both the guest and kid's bedrooms.

Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Photo By: Frank Murray

Cool glass tile forms a chair rail-height backsplash that stands in contrast to mustard walls.

An art deco-style pedestal sink celebrates the era of the home while fixtures, modern in design, update the traditional look.

A shower and bath combo is built into the pitched ceiling. Crisp white tile and bathtub lend hotel-style luxury.

Sleek, clean-lined bath fixtures in shimmering chrome pop against tile. The design complements other vintage-style appointments in the space.

A natural quartz-capped bath ledge provides a perch for bath salts and hand towels.

For both storage and display, a vintage stool and plant stand find a home in Blog Cabin's second-floor bathroom.

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