Blog Cabin 2009: Construction Begins

Clearing of the site and pouring of the foundation are among the first steps in the construction process.

Clearing the Site

Bulldozer Clearing the Lot

Clearing the Lot

A bulldozer begins the process of clearing the land for construction.

Ready for Reuse

Cleared trees will be used in the project.

Making Use of Cleared Timber

Reuse is key at Little Pine. Although forest must be cleared to make way for Blog Cabin, brush is removed from the property and timber stored for future use.

Empty Plot

Site Cleared for Construction

Home Site is Cleared

After land clearing and brush removal, the empty plot of earth is ready for cabin construction.

Cabin Cam

Camera will record construction's progress.

Cabin Cam

The Cabin Cam, barely detectable from its treetop perch in the backyard, captures daily construction footage of Blog Cabin 2009.

Home Plans

A professional surveyor studies the home plans during foundation work.

Surveying the Plot

A professional surveyor from Ed Holmes and Associates studies the home plans.

Treehouse Site

Marking Trees for Cutting

Locating the Construction Site

Trees marked with red ribbons indicate where the tree house will be constructed.

Garden Beds

Lasagna Gardening

"Lasagna gardening," which requires no digging, tilling or sod removal, is one of many eco-friendly projects promoted at Little Pine.

Prepping the Cement

Preparing the Foundation

Preparing the Concrete

Cement trucks dump material into the concrete pump before the foundation of the 2009 DIY Blog Cabin is poured.

Team Discussion

The build team meets at the site.

Build Team Meeting

The Blog Cabin build team discuss some last-minute changes.

Pouring the Foundation

Pumping in Cement Foundation

Pouring the Foundation

Butch Bassett and Jeff Osborne of Energy Wise pump in the foundation.


Concrete footers poured for foundation.

Poured Footers

The footers are poured for the back foundation wall.

Foundation View

A view from the side of the foundation.

Foundation Foam Forms

A view from the right side of the foundation.


Forms for the Cabin Foundation

Cabin Foundation

A photo reveals the foundation walls that will form the front of the home.

Taking Shape

Foundation Forms for Walls

Home's Wall's Take Shape

The foundation of the 2009 Blog Cabin takes shape.


Ahmed Hassan and Amy Matthews

Blog Cabin Stars

Ahmed Hassan and Amy Matthews prepare to shoot a scene for DIY Network's Blog Cabin.

Next Up

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