Deck Pictures From Blog Cabin 2008

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Back Porch with Stone Fireplace

This outdoor stone fireplace is ideal for chilly nights and provides a focal point for the back deck.

All the exterior room space shows off this exceptional design feature of the San Jacinto.

A splash of green and blue evokes the lake surroundings.

An intimate seating area on the back deck features weatherproof furniture and boasts an exceptional view.

A well-placed ceiling fan will keep a cool, gentle breeze flowing.

Back Deck with a View

With a towering fireplace and a view of Tennessee's famed Watts Bar Lake, the living room-style seating area provides a relaxing outdoor getaway.

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Master Deck From Blog Cabin 2012

Sliding-glass doors lead from the master bedroom to a private deck, where all-weather chaises and built-in benches offer seating.

Sunroom From Blog Cabin 2013

A cozy reading and relaxation space begins a story of Blog Cabin's rustic chic design mix.

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West Porch From Blog Cabin 2013

A modest entrance flows naturally to the home's outdoor spaces, including a rustic shower and grilling station and dining area.