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How to Build a Small Side Table (page 5 of 5)

We built this small table for extra bathroom storage, but it can be made to go almost anywhere.

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Assemble the Base

Use the layout in Image 1 as a guide for cutting the semicircles to shape. Use a flexible metal ruler to help trace the arc. Cut them to shape using a jigsaw.

Position the semicircle centered on the bottom edge of the side rails and attach using glue and 1-1/4" pocket-hole screws (Image 2).

Mark a line 3/4 inch from the outer edge of the leg assemblies. Apply glue to the ends, position flush with the top of the legs and this line, clamp in place with a right-angle clamp, and attach using 1-1/4" pocket-hole screws (Image 3).

Attach the Top

Place the top assembly upside down, position the base assembly centered on the top assembly. Mark the position of the base on the top.

Apply glue on the marked area, replace the base assembly, and attach using 1-1/4" pocket-hole screws as shown below.

Apply Finish

Stain the remainder of the project as desired and apply one to two coats of polyurethane.