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How To Build a Frame Around a Bathroom Mirror

Spice up your bathroom’s style by adding a wooden frame to your plain "builder’s basic” mirror.

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Make a Plan

Start by determining the size of the existing mirror as well as the new frame. In this case, the mirror was 84” x 36”. With this size, I knew I wanted to frame it with 1x4 for good proportions. Because of the overall style of the bathroom, squared cedar was selected as the frame material. However, this method can be used with any wood type of at least 3/4” thickness, including ornate trims. Since this frame is “floating” on (not attached to) an existing mirror already mounted to the wall, a margin of overlap is left to conceal the edge of the mirror. Be sure to leave at least 2” of material to the outside of the frame, so it can be properly joined in the corners.



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