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Stark to Inviting -- Fixtures

Episode DBTR-309

CeLois's 13 year old son, Jason, urged his mother to purchase their suburban two story last year because it had just what he wanted-a great basketball court. CeLois, a marketing executive, agreed and is now trying to make its stark contemporary style feel more like home. She's made the rest of the house work with furnishings, but now she wants to dive into the master bathroom which is cold and uninviting. Right now, it's a sea of white tile with grey fixtures, laminate cabinets and grey, white and pink wallpaper. A big white tile tub deck blocks access to a bank of windows, making it impossible to open and close the blinds. CeLois shares her master bathroom with her college-aged daughter, Courtney, who has some ideas of her own on how mom's new bathroom should look. Several projects are on tap in this episode and Amy and CeLois begin with the shower plumbing fixtures and door. Next the vanity is topped off with a new countertop and custom sinks. The tub and toilet are then set in place and a replacement pocket door completes the renovation.

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