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Spa Retreat — Wall Removal

Episode DBTR-210

Debbie and Gary live in a sprawling rambler, the original house from the '60s and a typical '80s addition. Their master bathroom is in need of an overhaul. The room includes a large and failing whirlpool tub with a vanity and countertop that are in desperate need of an update. The toilet, shower and a second vanity are hidden away in a corner and set apart by a wall and door.

In this first of four episodes, host Amy Matthews will help Gary and Debbie open up the bathroom by removing the door and most of the wall that separate the two spaces. Next, they'll get to work on the custom shower, installing a shower pan, durock on the walls and built-in shower niches.

For a short video preview of the bathroom's before-and-after design, click HERE!

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