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Period Restoration — Antique Modification

Episode DBTR-204

Stuart and Kelli are a young couple who love their turn-of-the-century, Tudor-style home, which is located in a charming neighborhood near the city. They have a busy lifestyle, but despite their schedules they've already managed to remodel and refurbish some parts of the home. The one room they haven't touched is the master bathroom. It's a pretty large space, and all the fixtures are in working order, but the bathroom is stuck in a time warp. Our plan is to update the entire space while paying tribute to the original, traditional style of the home.

In the last episode of this project, all the elements are coming together. Two antique pieces of furniture are modified to serve as the sink vanity and the make-up vanity. Then, the renovation is completed with finishing touches.

For a short video preview of the bathroom's before-and-after design, click HERE!


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