DIY Network

Modern and Sleek Bath

Episode DBTR-306

Jim and Erica are about to get married. But before Erica moves into Jim's 1980s townhouse, the bathroom desperately needs some style. There are white walls, white tile, and white countertops. The outdated oak vanities are worn out, and faucets and fixtures are spotted with hard water damage. There's carpet by the vanity-hardly ideal in front of a sink. And the bathroom is connected to the laundry room, which, like most utility rooms, has no decor to speak of. The bathroom hardly fits with Jim and Erica's minimalist, modern design sensibility. So we?re going to help them turn their ugly, plain bathroom into beautiful one with a sleek, contemporary feel. We bring color and texture to the floor by replacing the carpet with a maple laminate flooring, which extends into the laundry room. The white countertop is out, and a new granite one with a modern vessel sink takes its place. We keep the existing vanity frame, but replace the oak doors and drawers with stainless steel.


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