DIY Network

Lake-Inspired -- Slate Tile

Episode DBTR-304

In the early 1980s, Jack convinced his new bride, Maureen, to move out of their comfortable urban home to a little shanty on a prestigious lake on the outskirts of the city. Eventually they were able to re-build the place and turn it into their dream home with the latest 1980s style. Fast forward 20 some years later. They've updated the home to reflect their evolving sense of style-but their master bathroom is stuck in the past. There's a gaping hole where the shower used to be-before it fell apart and they couldn't get any matching tile to fix it, the big, half-wall shelf seemed like a good idea on paper and the carpeted platform for the toilet is just plain gross. Slate tile is again on the agenda-this time in a patterned layout on the walls surrounding the tub and shower. A fossilized stone completes the wall in the shower, a hydronic towel bar is added and the walk-in shower is assembled.


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