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Would You Like a Massage With That?

Episode DBCR-811ZH

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  • October 28, 2013

    10:00 PM e/p

  • October 28, 2013

    1:00 AM e/p

The current bathroom for these homeowners is small and needs to get bigger, fast. They use this space not only for everyday use, but also as a changing area for their pool. Adding unused bedroom space helps give the new design the spa experience this couple wanted. A wet room with dual-music playing showerheads and hydrotherapy bed sit on one side of the room. A sunken, soaker tub becomes a relaxation spot, which sits next to a fire and water feature that are lined with granite walls. If that's not enough, a fireplace divides the room from the master bedroom. A separate changing room for the pool sits next to the new exterior entrance, which is completely redone with fresh landscaping, hot tub and outdoor shower.


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