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Licensed contractor Matt Muenster offers ideas, inspiration and practical remodeling advice for your bathroom upgrade.

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Matt's Top 10 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom Remodeling

Find out what's new and what's hot in bathroom design and remodeling.

Enhance Your Bath

8 Unique Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Splurges

Add something a little unusual to make your bathroom design stand out.

8 Crazy Bathroom Ideas

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Watch Matt Muenster's Video Quicktips for advice on adding bathroom storage, creative bath lighting, tiling tips and lots more.

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Meet the Rest of the Crashers FamilyCrashers TV Shows

Check out our other Crasher shows. You'll find clever ideas and detailed instructions for updating your home. Or, if a project has you stumped, you can post a question to the crew.

Home Improvement With a Twist

Matt Muenster’s 13 Tiling Tricks Installing Tile

Do it right the first time. Find out the secrets to a perfect tile job.

Learn From the Expert

Spa-Like SplurgesCreate Your Personal Spa

Matt Muenster's remodeling indulgences (not all are expensive) to give you that take-me-away feeling.

Worth the $$$

Design Your Dream Bathroom Bathroom Designs

Browse through hundreds of unique bathroom renovations designed and built by our DIY pros.

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Bathroom RemodelingBathroom Remodeling

Find all the info you need to renovate your bathroom, including plumbing basics, budget projects and
design ideas.

Tile, Tubs and More

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Episode Guide

Full Episode Guide

February 01, 7:00 am
Luxury, laundry and a Shower that Sings.
February 01, 7:30 am
Shower Showstopper
February 01, 8:00 am
Metal Fireplace, Brick Wall, and Cork Floor
February 01, 8:30 am
A Modern and Zen Makeover
February 08, 7:00 am
Geometric Wood Wall
February 08, 7:30 am
Fabulous Flip
February 08, 8:00 am
Mile High Ceiling
February 08, 8:30 am
The Bigger the Better
February 15, 7:00 am
Bamboo Bliss
February 15, 7:30 am
Mile Hi Makeover
January 26, 10:00 am
Chimney Sweep
January 26, 10:30 am
Heavy Metal
January 26, 11:00 am
Old Warm Charm
January 26, 11:30 am
Swan Be-Gone
January 26, 12:00 pm
Green Carpet Gone
January 26, 12:30 pm
Garage Door Art Bath
January 26, 1:00 pm
Granite Suite
January 26, 1:30 pm
Lake House Retreat Bath
January 26, 2:00 pm
Fire and Water Retreat
January 25, 7:00 am
Functional, Funky Formula

About This Show

Unsuspecting homeowners get the ultimate surprise of a brand-new bathroom when licensed contractor Matt Muenster and his Bath Crashers crew ambush them in the home improvement aisle. Three days later, their bathrooms are totally transformed into the most spectacular space in the house. From TV’s hidden in mirrors, heated floors and swanky steam showers, Matt tricks out everyone’s most-used room with the hottest items around.

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