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Elegant Escape

Episode DBCR-313H

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  • September 18, 2013

    5:30 PM e/p

Size is not a problem in this bathroom. The room is 230 square feet, and the ceilings stretch 16 feet into the air. But with all this space, the layout makes no sense. The bathtub is on an odd platform, and the toilet is even a step higher, causing the homeowners to trip in the dark. The shower is bizarrely small and leaky, and the 20 giant globe lights make the place feel like a warehouse. Matt and the Bath Crashers team are on hand to give the place an elegant custom makeover. A dome ceiling replaces the unusually high ceiling, which is anchored by a stunning chandelier. Empty spaces are now built-in storage, reachable by a sliding ladder. Best of all, the toilet is no longer visible from the street and has its own private space. The team also changes the coffin-like shower into a huge walk-in with a custom mosaic tile art piece on one wall. Plus, curved vanities, floor-to-ceiling drapery and antique silver mirrors make even the worst morning bed head look elegant.


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