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Top 10 Most Amazing Transformations

Episode DBCP-101H

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  • May 02, 2014

    9:00 AM e/p

Matt Muenster and the Bath Crashers team take on some of the worst bathrooms in Crashers history and transform them into amazing spaces that change lives. Everyone loves a good makeover, but these ten bathrooms are great makeovers. From the bathroom that started life as a kitchen, to another that was the size of a shoebox to a third that looked like the walls would collapse with a stiff breeze, these bathrooms overcame their humble, ugly-duckling beginnings and are now jaw-dropping showstoppers. There are party tubs, saunas, hidden doors, showers that amaze and bathrooms that solve accessibility issues. And the worst, most hideous bathroom comes with a diamond ring at the end.


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