DIY Network

Cardboard Doghouse

Episode DBAR-202H

Kenny and Dr. Karen introduce us to Lucy, Thelma, and Rufus, three rescue dogs lucky enough to have an entire office full of people to love them-the Robin Easter Graphic Design firm. Dr. Karen talks to Robin about Cushing's Disease and the treatments for it, while Kenny heads off to make a plan for a multi-level dog house made of heavy-duty cardboard. When discussing dogs in the workplace, Dr. Karen recommends putting a sign up to warn guests and giving the dogs their own space. Meanwhile, Kenny, and the designers discuss the plans to decorate the structure, and begin assembling the frame. Chad and Dr. Karen talk about exercising your dog safely in an urban environment, while Kenny and Jesse assemble the roof, steps, and railing for the house. Dr. Karen gives her Vet Tip. Kenny and Jesse install the house, and Dr. Karen and the other designers help attach the decorative graphics. Once the door is cut out and a few cushions are thrown in for good measure, Lucy, Thelma, and Rufus are ready to move into their own space.


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