DIY Network

Backyard Blitz Special

Episode DBYB-S10H

Backyard Blitz, DIY Network's new one-hour special, shows people how to take control of their outdoor projects and get them done in record time - the right way. Homeowners Tim and Kim Ruck are in charge of their huge family reunion but there's a problem - Tim and Kim have let their backyard become a messy, dirty space that annoys Tim's family since it's the house where they all grew up. The deck is rotted, the landscape timbers are ugly and a field of brown fills the backyard. Tim and Kim would love to impress Tim's parents and family, but it's going to take a Backyard Blitz to get this backyard back to "wow." Licensed Contractor Kayleen McCabe knows a thing or two about blowing out a backyard - she operated her own deck-building company until she was named the winner of DIY Network's Stud Finder Contest. She and the Rucks start with a trip to a home improvement store for a shopping spree of materials and equipment to transform the mess of a backyard. The result of this two-day transformation is a thing of beauty. A new composite deck, pavers that frame the pool, a 60-foot dry stacked wall creating depth in the back yard, materials armed to repair and stain the fence and an array of do-it-yourself outdoor projects. Also needed are the tools to entertain, which include a brand new grill and patio furniture that will surely impress the guests. The backyard that was once a "hot mess" is now the "hot spot" in shape for the family reunion.


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