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Mega Dens is Casting in Atlanta!

DIY Network is looking for families in the metro Atlanta area ready to dramatically transform their living rooms.

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WHAT? If your FAMILY doesn’t spend time in your FAMILY room, Anitra and the Scialabba’s can hook you up! But this ain’t your mother’s makeover show! We’re not talking about new TV trays and a coat of paint. We’re talking movie theater, high-end game room, wine snob’s paradise, techno-geek Shangri-la, sports or music shrine, the possibilities are endless!

Families who are ready to turn their living room into a LIVING ROOM will team up (yes, that means get your hands dirty) with THE design team that can make their dreams come true!

WHERE? We are shooting in the METRO ATLANTA area.

HOW MUCH? The family contribution is between $9500 and $12,500.

WHO? We are in search of families with children. Ideal candidates are folks who are ready for a dramatic transformation, are willing to sweat a little and would be fun and dynamic on camera. 


Please email and include:

- MEGA DENS CASTING in the subject line
- All of your names (and ages of children)
- Please include a picture of your family
- What space do you want us to consider?
- Please include pictures of the space. (One wide shot from each corner)
- What are the measurements of that room?
- What are your challenges with that room?
- What hobbies and activities do you and your family like to do together?  
- In terms of design and construction, what do you love?
- In terms of design and construction, what do you hate?
- Daytime phone number, email and home address

MEGA DENS!  You know you want one!