How to Make a Butterfly Feeder

Offer fruit and fresh water on your butterfly buffet.

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August 20

Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate With Nature 14 Photos

DIY Network shows you how to save money by using sticks and stones and other natural elements to give your home decor that trendy …

August 18

Bee Buffet: 4 Surprising Plants to Attract Pollinators

Who knew? Welcome winged wildlife with plants they can’t resist.

August 17

How to Pick Ripe, Perfect Produce

There's always a bad apple in the bunch. Don't let tricky fruits and veggies fool you.

August 15

How to Build a Nightstand With Hairpin Legs 4 Steps

Get that perfect midcentury modern look for a fraction of the price with this simple side table tutorial.

August 15

How to Upcycle a Sink Into a Kid’s Play Table 11 Steps

See how you can turn an old kitchen sink and a coffee table into a child’s sand box and outdoor water table.

August 14

How to Make Shrink Film Backpack Tags 9 Steps

Head back to school rocking these handmade name tags for your backpack. Learn how in this kid-friendly craft.

August 10

Decorate Your Porch With Ferns and Flowers

Bring your garden right up to your front door.

August 9

Creative Genius: Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily

Get to know this chicken-keeper extraordinaire.

August 8

How to Make a Macrame Herb-Drying Rack 11 Steps

Enjoy the bounty of your summer herb garden all year long with this beautiful and functional drying mobile.

August 4

How to Repair a Leather Sofa 10 Photos

The experts at DIYNetwork show you how to repair a leather sofa.

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