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Money-Saving Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen Remodel

Find how-to advice and clever tricks that can save you a few grand on your kitchen renovation.

DIY to Save Money

Easy Painting Basics

Painting Tips

Learn about buying paint, room prep,
essential tools and clean-up tricks.

Painting Tips & Tricks

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April 02, 8:30 am
Taking the Kitchen Over the Finish Line
April 02, 9:00 am
Bye-Bye Hand-Me-Down Kitchen
April 02, 9:30 am
Life Is A Beach
April 02, 10:00 am
This Kitchen's Gotta Go
April 02, 10:30 am
A Tiny Problem In The Kitchen
April 02, 11:00 am
Ghosts of Homeowners Past
April 02, 11:30 am
Building Out The Bathroom
March 30, 4:30 am
Floors, Doors, and Firefighters
March 29, 4:30 am
From Ashes to Awesome
March 28, 4:30 am
Stair Today, Kitchen Tomorrow

About This Show

Every week on 10 Grand in Your Hand DIY Network shows real homeowners how to cut up to $10,000 from their renovation and remodeling projects. Repeat: DIY Network will save homeowners up to $10,000 in cash. In this original series, DIY Network comes into a renovation or remodeling project at the beginning, offering homeowners smart advice on new materials and technologies, plus essential how-to info on doing some of the basic work themselves. Homeowners are amazed how much we can shave off their total budget, leaving serious cash available to spend on another project, a vacation or a new toy.

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