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Renovate, Rent, Repeat

Episode DTGR-603H

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  • January 29, 2015

    12:30 PM e/p

John and Rachel Eddey are first-time homeowners who are in over their heads. Their two-family home is stuck in the '70s, and they are in desperate need of major savings to bring it up-to-date. With host John DeSilvia's help, this couple is starting with the back unit, including a kitchen face-lift, a gut bathroom renovation and some major patchwork on the walls and ceiling. They need to keep it on the cheap so they can rent out the space and use the extra cash to work on the rest of the house- even going as far as fabricating their own laminate countertops. These homeowners are taking a week of work to get the job done- but with a hundred-year-old home and limited DIY skills, this rental renovation might seem like an eternity. With some hard work and hidden surprises, John and Rachel are on their way to saving ten grand- and might like the results so much they'll never want to leave.


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