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Bye-Bye Hand-Me-Down Kitchen

Episode DTGR-506H

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  • January 29, 2015

    11:00 AM e/p

Diane and Rodney Weinstein have been living in their home for seven years and have finally had it with their dysfunctional, patchwork 1930s kitchen. It's too small, the appliances don't work, the refrigerator can't open all the way, and the cabinets are a mismatched assortment of hand-me-downs from other kitchen renovations. With licensed contractor John DeSilvia's help, Diane and Rodney want to demo the useless laundry chute for more space and install new cabinets, floors, windows, doors, and a backsplash. The question is - will they be able to do all of that without going way over budget? Total Savings: $18,870


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