DIY Network

A Tiny Problem In The Kitchen

Episode DTGR-513H

Homeowners Yazdi and Allyson Kapadia are tired of their small kitchen and are ready to expand. To increase the space, they plan to extend a wall, giving them an extra three feet in the room. Once the space has been increased, it's time for an update with new countertops, a backsplash, appliances, and replacing the vinyl floor with tile. If they can save money there, they want to add windows and doors to their three-season room. Yazdi was a pretty handy DIYer while living in London, but he's a little worried his skills might have left since moving to America. With licensed contractor John DeSilvia's help, the Kapadias hope to finally have the kitchen size that's right for them, but will they manage to keep the costs down? Equity Boost - $11,450


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